CHO NAMI - Facial Aurora Cleanser

CHO NAMI - Facial Aurora Cleanser


Gentle foaming cleanser, smooth action on the surface of the skin to remove dirt, slime optimal. Help skin whitening with jojoba oil and vitamin C compound.


Is a kind of cleanser that both cleans the skin and contains the elements that make skin polish and brighter in a moment, anti-skin rought and moisturize the skin with jojoba oil, aphanothece sacrum exopolysaccharides.


Made from the natural materials familiar to daily life. Contain the skin brightening compounds such as: Arbutin, 3-Glyceryl ascorbate (is vitamin C but with more stable features), Bio Antage (from aloe extract, Kudzu roots, Chlorella).

More especially, the cleanser contains the yeast extract from Japan sake rice alcohol yeast called “Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast extract”, intensifying the humidity for the skin. For such reason, Sake wine is considered as a beautifying wonderful remedy for Japanese women.

Moreover, it contains the AHA ingredient that clean off the dead cells effectively. AHA extracts of haw, Chinese apple, grapes, orange, lemon, the ones that supply much daily vitamin for women


  • No mineral oil containing
  • No petrolum surface active agent containing
  • No color additive containing
  • No metyl paraben preservative containing